Welcome Hoffa-Hall 2016 Delegates and Alternate Delegates!

Welcome to the 29th Convention of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We are excited and proud that you were elected by your fellow members to help chart a positive future for our great Union!

We convene here in Las Vegas at a critical time for working families in North America. The Middle Class is under attack from all sides as corporations and the politicians they control try to weaken and undermine our Labor Movement.

We see it every day with rotten trade deals that send our jobs overseas. With anti-union legislation that strips workers of their rights on the job. And with an economic system that rewards a sliver of the 1% at the expense of the other 99%.

For us to succeed in ending this economic injustice we must remain united and strong. That is the challenge facing us all this week as we discuss and debate these important issues.

The Hoffa-Hall Slate is comprised of 27 battle tested Teamster leaders who have the experience, commitment and passion to move our Union forward for the next five years. We encourage you to meet and talk with them this week and share your ideas and experiences. And we look forward to meeting with each of you while we are at the Convention.

Together we can accomplish many great things. Let’s roll up and sleeves and get the job done!


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